My bottom line on songs is that they really only exist when they are sung!  Singing not only brings new life to songs and may spark an interest in their roots, but also enriches us as we internalize the music.

I am always delighted to share songs, whether it be a song-along or a more focused song-learning workshop.   I will be glad to work with you to develop a repertoire class built on a particular genre or topic, or just teach a wide range of songs that help us raise our voices and sing out!   A repertoire class may be appropriate on a Shabbat afternoon, or as part of a residency, may be split into several days of building a solid collection of new material.

A wonderful introduction into a repertoire program may be a focused time spent working with a specific topic.  Here’s an example:

Fregt di Velt and Alte Kashe (The World Asks an Ancient Question) – Much of Jewish culture is questioning and delving for answers, so it makes sense that our Yiddish folksong treasury would be rich with both philosophic and simple queries.  This program, adaptable for all singing configurations or primarily listening, offers insights into the lives that were captured in songs-as-diaries, and into histories and changes mapped in song.  Of course, the familiar will become new, and most surprising multi-cultural discoveries await!