A GRATEFUL KETUBAH COUPLE writes, “Thank you so much for creating the ketubah of our dreams!  You flawlessly brought my vision to life and were a pleasure to work with.  We are beyond thrilled to get to display your art in our home for decades to come!  – A and E


LESLIE LUTSKY of RADIO CENTRE-VILLE in Montreal writes about “DEEP SKIES” – “I had a chance to listen to  Deep Skies and  found the arrangements  to be stunning. Your renditions capture the soul of these songs with great depth.   The artwork is amazing and certainly, along with the book format, makes Deep Skies a total  experience, a transcending into a Yiddish world of long ago with many of the moods and flavors.  Deep Skies is on the playlist!”


  •  Rebecca Metzger, Hillel Director, Lafayette College writes:

“Susan Leviton is an all-around talented woman.  She drew in her Lafayette College audience of students, faculty, and community members with breathtaking singing, live calligraphic demonstrations, and the captivating historic story (mystery) of the Sarajevo Hagaddah.  Her presentation is unique.  In my six years of securing programming for Hillel, I have never come across another presenter like her.  One minute, she is speaking authoritatively about the history of Jews in the Iberian Peninsula, the next she’s singing in Yiddish, and the next she is demonstrating the difference between Shephardi and Ashkenazi lettering, and showing Powerpoint slides of Haggadot through the ages.  Her unique subject matter attracted audience members who had never previously attended our events, and many of them approached me at the end of the evening to express enthusiasm and appreciation for Susan’s performance.

Aside from being a wonderful and accessible presenter, Susan is a pleasure to work with.  She is very professional as well as easygoing and flexible.  I enjoyed her visit to Lafayette College thoroughly.


  • Michael Wex, Yiddish language specialist, best-selling author, and raconteur writes:

“I’ve been working with Susan at Yiddish-oriented events for more than two decades and continue to be jealous of her easy rapport with students and audience members. Whether she’s performing in a concert or teaching classes in Yiddish song or papercutting, she has a unique ability to make each student feel as if the course had been designed with him or her in mind.”


  • Dr. Simon Bronner, Professor of American Studies, Penn State University writes:

“Audiences here have been charmed, entertained, and educated by Susan Leviton, and in the process profoundly inspired. We keep having her back because her talent appears endless and our community always has her on the top of its list of favorite events.”


  • Solomon Z. Krevsky writes:

“I write today to share my reaction to your beautiful work.  I have had the joy of experiencing your accomplished artistry on many occasions.  Most recently, however, at the Governor’s Civic Holocaust Commemoration … your performance was remarkably brilliant.  You are a shining light.  The emotion in your voice was palpable and your vocal expression a moving tribute to this meaningful event… Thank you for your generous contributions to our cultural community.”


  • Lisa Kassow, Hillel Director at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut writes:

“…When I think of all that you accomplish in such a short period of time, all I can think of is ‘Dayeinu.’ [trans: It would have been enough! -sl]  Your knowledge of Yiddish music is transmitted brilliantly to an appreciative audience. Dayeinu!  Your voice is beautiful, earthy, rich, and easy to sing along with.  Dayeinu!  The niggunim you chose stay firmly in our heads to sing in the future.  Dayeinu!  Your explanations of the songs resonate with people of all ages because the themes are so universal.   Dayeinu!  Your knowledge of the Jewish art form of papercutting, not to mention calligraphy and design, is wonderfully researched and presented.  Dayeinu!   Your hands-on papercutting workshop plants the seed for continued growth and pleasure through the Jewish arts.  Dayeinu!…”


  • Yvonne Milspaw, PhD, Professor of English and Humanities, Director, Honors Program, HACC writes:

” Thank you again for your wonderful presentation on ‘Journeys of the Sarajevo Hagaddah: An Artistic Look into the Improbable 600 Year History of a Sacred Book.’  As anticipated, it was a splendid addition to the Harrisburg Area Community College Honors lecture series.  Your insightful presentation, the songs and the demonstrations of your artwork (now on display in the HACC Library) helped us all to understand some of the extraordinary history of Judaism, an area where many of our students have no information at all , and made such a powerful point about the very real power of visual images in our lives.  You did the best thing a good teacher could hope for – solid information passed on in a smart, thoughtful and accessible way.

“I heard so many thoughtful and excited remarks from our students and faculty about your program, most wishing that their friends could also have heard it, and some lamenting that they were unable to attend.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from the students who were there, and from our faculty, almost all of whom wished you had had more time to continue your talk.”


  • Mil Lieberthal, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin – Extension writes:

“As a fellow teacher, I do appreciate your clarity, organization, and excellent contact with the audience in addition to your command of the subject matter.”


  • Myra Sacks writes following a lecture/recital writes:

“…While your musical artistry has always impressed me, today’s performance was different.   I was deeply moved by the vision and scope of your historic research.  You took us to a world of song, protest and hope that existed in the beginning of the last century.  Your musical selections and your passion in conveying the story of labor conditions gave meaning to the day.  You wove poetry, song and democracy into a beautiful tableau of remembrance…”


  • Susan Stauffer, MPA, from the Messiah Village Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning writes:

“Your course session titled “Women’s voices in Yiddish Song” was Outstanding as indicated by verbal and course evaluations from all who attended.  Please know how much your involvement in the Pathways Institute is appreciated and that you are always welcome!”


  • Susanne , KlezKamp participant in 4-day papercutting class writes:

“Addictive! I loved learning the deeply rich history of Jewish paper cutting.  I loved the wide disparity of personality that was revealed by each one’s work. Susan was a fabulous and creative teacher for all of us.”


  • Elderhostel participants following a week-long residency writes:

“This is a course you get once in a lifetime!”  “My favorite – Susan is a treasure.  Don’t lose her.  The best in many an Elderhostel.”


  • Debby writes:

“When I listen to you I’m reminded of a fairy tale from my childhood about a heroine whose words are accompanied by pearls and roses. Both your music and your message come across in this way.”


  • Joshua Horowitz, Director of the ensemble Budowitz (

“My association with Susan Leviton goes back many years, at various cultural festivals that feature and specialize in Yiddish music.  I have had the honor and pleasure of performing with her on numerous stages and I have found her manner to be professional and engaging…. Susan Leviton is a seasoned performer of Yiddish music, whose renditions are both highly informed as well as artfully wrought.  As a singer she is able to galvanize and excite her audiences.  Her stage presence is easy-going and her presentations are always fluid and relaxed, while being attentive to her accompanying musicians and in control of the floor.”


  • Sabina Brukner, former Executive Director of the Champaign/Urbana Jewish Federation writes:

“In November, I hired Susan to be the entertainer at the annual dinner of the Champaign/Urbana Jewish Federation, the most important event of our fundraising campaign.  Susan absolutely thrilled the audience with her a cappella performance. She was so dynamic, so careful to convey the lyrics to the audience, that even the most skeptical in the crowd were won over.  We got nothing but rave reviews from our members to her performance and my folks are not easy to please.   Moreover, Susan’s Yiddish pronunciation is impeccable, unlike so many people singing Yiddish these days.”


  • Henry Sapoznik, Director, Mayrent Center for Yiddish Arts at University of Wisconsin, and Founder of KlezKamp writes:

“…It is important – no, it is vital – that singers, performers, and audiences all advocate for the rich diversity of our Yiddish song legacy.  Susan Leviton does this eloquently by offering us her insightful alternatives, thus helping enrich our collective Yiddish cultural legacy.”


  • Julie Sherman, New York Times best-selling author writes:

“From the moment you take the stage, you get me.   Not just me, but the whole audience. We know we’re in ‘good hands’ with you.  You invite us in with that warm smile of yours – no matter how big the room is, it always feels intimate and friendly.”


  • Estrella, KlezKamp participant in 4-session lecture/recital course writes:

“Deeply moving, informative and beautifully presented and performed.” Estrella


“(You) absolutely thrilled the audience with your a cappella performance. We got  nothing but rave reviews for your performance.”


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