Susan Leviton’s joyful embrace of Yiddish arts is  matched only by her enthusiasm in sharing that joy.   Known to some as an interpreter of Jewish songs and to others as a master calligrapher and papercutter, Susan continually breaks new ground in the desire to uncover historic forms and bring them into the shining light of the 21st Century.

As a singer, Susan moves boldly into a rare category by being one of the only contemporary women reviving the craft of a cappella Yiddish singing.   She dips into the treasure trove of Yiddish folk music and weaves her programs into a tapestry of unexpected beauty.   In addition to her naturally clear and earthy ‘instrument’, Susan works with the skill of a master story-teller, drawing non-Yiddish speakers into a warm circle of understanding and appreciation.

Susan’s life is that of a self-described Jewish Cultural Worker, and she frequently tours with her art workshops, residencies and concerts whenever she is away from the Levworks studio.    Susan’s ketubot (marriage contracts), awards, and institutional art may be found in homes, synagogues, and awardees’ offices across the country and in Jewish communities as far away as Denmark and Ukraine.