For over 25 years, I’ve been creating prints of my work to delight and educate.  Whether as simple as a greeting card or a bookplate or as complex as a multilingual fine art print, my goal is to crate beauty with the written word.  It may be just that: a single word!   Or it may be a painting built around a rarely heard Yiddish poem.  My experience has been that people are hungry for the knowledge as well as the visual beauty of our words and stories, so I continue putting that out in the world.

Greeting cards, children’s art, baby, Bar and Bat Mitzvah certificates, fine art prints, and meaningful explorations of Midrash, poetry and song have all found their way to print and into countless homes, offices, synagogues and community centers both around the United States and overseas.   I spotted a tiny framed print of mine on the cover of Hadassah Magazine a few years ago, decorating someone’s sukkah!  I never know where my artistic offspring will show up next!

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