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The bride came to me with picture of her parents’ ketubah, and asked that create parallel piece. They simply wanted as very large oval ketubah with stylized trees around it – like her parents’. With few sketches was able to show them that ‘like’ doesn’t have mean ‘the same’, and took on designing very different and uniquely individual trees ring these ketubah. swiss replica watches bentley replica for sale

No two trees are alike, and each one moves visually ever so slightly towards there next season. Even in deep winter section, the trees hold tight buds, anticipating spring. The color palette is emphasized by introducing color each time the name of bride or groom appears in body the ketubah, as couple’s request. repliki zegarków

So detailed is ketubah art that full year after the wedding, the bride and groom had still not located their tiny Goldfish cracker that requested tucked into design. I assured it and that should scrutinize the autumn trees! replica horloges

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