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It’s with delight that I anticipate a return to a creative and welcoming Reconstructionist Congregation Shaarei Shomayim in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday, July 20, 2013 where I’ll be a guest lecturer for the Shabbat evening dinner.  I’ll be lecturing that night on contemporary Judaica, with a look back as far as the 1950’s, and I will be sharing some outstanding images of creative and inspiring ritual art … and some of the best kitsch around, starting with my favorite right now:  the 1963 Bas Mitzveh Zombie Bookend.  Scared me then and scares me now!

The congregation meets in the Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Church in Madison, and having just completed work on a new synagogue building in my own community, I relish the idea of examining that most thoughtful architectural wonder.

Bas Mitzvah Zombie

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