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CE donor book 1L’dor va’Dor is the appropriate title of this book to honor donors and the names that appeared on plaques in a previous synagogue building which was destroyed by fire.  The wooden book was fabricated in Maine by Welch USA, and I quilted and painted the fabric insert.  The exterior brass binding seen below was crafted to match a border design that I developed for the main donor recognition wall.

CE donor book 2

Shown here prior to being stretched and mounted into the wooden frame, this quilted silk was put together in a palette that matches the new building in which it is placed.  The words ‘L’dor vador’ (Generation to generation) are painted in gold with copper accents, and embellished with small clusters of Czech beads at the ‘waistlines’ of the letters.


tribute book cover art

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  1. 8-28-2019

    Dear Susan, I am a member of Temple Anshe Hesed of Erie Pa. We have recently built a new Temple and wish to honor our donors with a Donor Book. We had considered a donor wall, however given our limited wall space a suggestion was offered regarding a donor book, which would allow for a personal touch from the donor to the persons moralized. Our Idea is to have each of our donors be able to write something about the person honored by their donation, perhaps with a photo included on each page. I don’t know how possible this request is but any feed back would be greatly appreciated. i am the archivest at our temple and can be reached at the below email address.

    Thank you for your time

    Cindra Vallone

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