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Engagement Site Ketubah

Clusters of white and tiny blue flowers bookend the painted image of the place where this couple decided to marry.  Quite often, people send me photos to work from, and it’s always a delight to be privileged to hear the ‘back story’ which makes it possible for me to produce a lasting image that captures what’s inside the bride and groom!  The outer blue border was meticulously painted around everything else to create an inner frame.   As with other clients, I asked this couple to send me paint chips and I mixed the paint to match their preferred colors.

In the top of the canopy, the words in raised gold leaf spell out “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” in Yiddish.

I always try to get details details details from people so I can read their minds artistically, but I also advise folks to not choose the color palette for their ketubah to match the sofa!  Furniture changes, taste changes, and hopefully the marriage will outlast current styles and remain a treasured part of a home for decades to come!


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