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House Blessing Papercut

This intricate papercut, backed in this version with three complementary colors, is cut from one sheet of white paper.  The innermost circle features a traditional home blessing in Hebrew.  Notice how the extension of the traditional tagin (crowns) on the appropriate letters are used to connect the lines of text, allowing even the tiniest yod or the leg of the hey to stay connected.

The first ring beyond the Hebrew text represents the Biblical seven species, and moving outwards is the hand-cut text in English and an outer ring of design which is inspired by the work of early 20th Century papercut artist Boruch Tzvi Ring.

A papercut like this can take weeks of fine-tuning in the design phase, about 20 hours of cutting, and several dozen X-acto blades!  Please contact Susan HERE to discuss preparing this design as a hand-cut work of art to your specifications.  Variations include full control over the finished size and the color(s) of the background.

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