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Well, if you know John Prine, you’re already laughing!  When this couple contacted me, I could hardly write fast enough to capture their excitement about crafting a ketubah, and the chorus lyric from John Prine’s song was top of the list!  Here’s a ketubah that’s built around a love of a particular part of the country with the blues of the text representing precious lakes for starters.  Both people are organic gardeners and lovers of nature, so the specific list of requested images included a reference to bees (honeycomb design beneath part of the text), endangered butterflies, native spring flowers, and all kinds of vegetables – a farmers’ market in a basket.  One particular request was mycelia!  In order to represent life under the ground, I ‘planted’ a beet root that’s mostly in the dirt, and the little white mycelia and two friendly earthworms are a nod to the great underworld! 

If you haven’t heard the song, do look it up!  1724210B-FD80-4AAC-9BA9-ADB46538DBBD_1_105_c

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