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Design intersection

Design intersection

It cannot be more satisfying for an artist embarking on a custom commission than to have people be clear in their vision!  This couple not only imagined the shape of their requested text, but also gave m specific colors and even textures!  If you look carefully, you’ll see the movement of colors, but you may not recognize right way that the borders of the two triangles themselves are different colors!  I mixed gold and copper paints to achieve this look.  Those two metallics are also seen in the columns, where the paint was thickened to create a deep texture.  The metallic colors and the columns?  The wedding took place in a synagogue with soaring gold and copper touches, and the colors of the text itself echo the color scheme of the sanctuary tapestries!

What allows the text to appear with such sharp lines defining the shapes is that each letter that spans a ‘line’ is written with multiple colors, splitting the letter to clarify the division of the sections!  

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