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emily and gregg's done

This design for this ketubah evolved very quickly once the couple found their words!  Abstract, papercut, seasons, a connection to Israel, nature, and a very specific palette of colors!  Finding the balance between the nature images they wanted and the request for abstraction was easy, since I explained that the nature of papercutting already creates a level of abstraction in the design.

The link to Israel is the olive tree on the right, and the seasons are represented by both the imagery and the suggestions of color which the couple chose.  The seasons move clockwise, so at the base of the olive tree (autumn) there’s a shift into winter.  The first flower that appears is the snowdrop, a bloom that tends to pop up out of the snow in February.  Spring flowers move the eye up into full summer, suggested by blazing color in the upper left.

A cacophony of  color was supplied via paint chips, and I spent one delightful day simply stirring colors to blend.  Take a look at the palette prior to finding its way into a seasonal array:

Emily and Gregg's colors 10:28


  1. 11-10-2013

    Susan, Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ketubah for Emily and is magnificent!

    • 11-11-2013

      It was totally totally a joy to work with Emily and Gregg!!! Once we finally arrived at descriptive words, my job was so easy – I just made their ideas visible! I love your entire family!


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