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This couple had few but very specific requests:  a traditional text laid out with squared margins, a painting of the Kotel (Western Wall) in a lunette at the top, water-like abstract papercuts bracketing the text, and a background of the soft colors for which Jerusalem is known.   To emphasize the papercuts, I had my framer meticulously cut a backing mat with reversed bevels to elevate the lettered panel just a bit above the background painting while remaining invisible.  Then to pull the eye into the text itself, in discussion with the couple, we decided to prepare mats for the wedding that were the choice for the final framing.  The two outer mats were one four-ply and one eight-ply mat, the same color, cut to give great depth to the whole piece and keep the focus on the central area.  Very effective!

The wonder of watercolor is that working with transparent paint, you can build up multiple layers of subtle color to develop a depth unattainable with opaque paints.   The paper must be stretched on a board to keep it from warping terribly with all the soaking the multiple layers create.

Soft Colors of Jerusalem
Soft Colors of Jerusalem

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