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A most joyous opportunity here, to create a ketubah for a very special couple who share a rare clarity of vision and the ability to communicate it!  We started with just a few ideas: papercut, curvy art deco style, and a color palette that would work in any room over time. We bounced around sketches and ideas, and I even ordered swatches of wallpaper from a very high end art paper manufacturer, only to toss them out upon arrival when the petroleum aroma became too much to bear!  Finally I hit upon a lovely stained glass image from a home in Melbourne, Australia.  I adapted the design to papercutting and interpreted the many colors of glass in the original into multi-textured acrylic paints in a neutral palette. I enhanced the full-bodied paints with a concoction to increase their thickness, and I must admit, it was almost too much fun to play with the goo I came up with!

The colors include silvers and golds, and the piece catches the light and shimmers! Several areas are even filled with micro glass beads. The coloring and texture choices in a ketubah like this are part of an organic process that grows bit by bit.

ari and dan's art deo ketubah 3

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