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In 2004, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania hosted the Cow Parade and I was one of the artists selected to prepare a cow!  As an homage to the animal who continues to advance the lettering arts by providing parchment, I decided to cover her with illuminated letters from a wide range of English lettering styles from Fractur to Versal.   For several winter months I painted and learned more about cow anatomy than I had ever imagined I would!  I even called my husband in one day to help with a custom I’d heard about from kids called, “cow tipping” when it was time to paint her underbelly!

My cow was one of the few chosen for auction, and she was purchased and donated to the city.  She summers in a park near Harrisburg’s AA baseball stadium and winters over with a small herd in the train station.   She’s something of the Velveteen Rabbit of the Cow Parade as she’s the only one who is constantly climbed and scribbled upon by young children.   In keeping with my original intention, she has become a palimpsest with new writing constantly appearing in the form of graffiti.  I do believe she is well-loved.

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