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For Your Sake Papercut

Commissioned by a Jewish dayschool as an award, the intricate design makes use of the most delicate lines to hold the papercut together.  Notice  the fine lines of the tsitsit and the tallit itself, and the rays of light from the ner tamid.  Once I had the visual elements in mind, the challenge was to craft an overall pleasing design, so the long narrow image developed.

I found the text in a museum exhibit of poster art from the time of early Israeli statehood.   The particular poster that grabbed my attention was urging new immigrants to learn Hebrew.   Notice the different ways in which the Hebrew and English letters remain attached within the artwork.  As a papercut design, everything that appears black in the artwork (positive space, as this is the paper that remains while the rest is cut away) must be attached to other black paper or else it will fall away.


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