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Version 2

Every commission is an adventure, and this one was certainly a great one.  I took a call from a man who had purchased a Torah scroll years ago, and was having it refurbished with new atzei chayyim, the poles on which the parchment is attached.  All of this work, and a new mantle and wimple, were to be created in time to mark a dear grandson’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.  The Torah itself was driven to my shul to be accurately measured, and I spread countless fabric swatches out in out conference room to begin the collaboration of ideas and hopes. 

Unique to this mantle is a pocket sewn onto the outside back with a calligraphed fabric panel inside listing all the known direct ancestors of the Bar Mitzvah. The Torah will remain in the synagogue ofthe Bar Mitzvah until it moves to another synagogue for another family milestone.  Names are to be added as younger family members come of age! 

Oh, the words appliquéd on the front and finished with Swarovski crystals are L’dor vaDor – from Generation to Generation!

In addition to the mantle, I used the same fabrics to create a new wimple:


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