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When a dynamic rabbi announced to his congregation that his path would be taking him to another synagogue, I was asked to craft a papercut to capture the values he was able to instill and realize during his tenure.  Access with great respect – Inclusion B’Kavod – became the synagogue’s watchword, and in education, worship, and physical accessibility, the community embraced a way of living that continues to bring Jews who are wired differently and who face a variety of challenges to be totally integrated in the life of the shul.  And so the committee chose the Hebrew phrase meaning “In God’s Image” to present to Rabbi Aronson as a lasting token of gratefulness and love.

The papercut is intricately cut from one sheet of paper and mounted, floating 3/8″ above a background watercolor painting which is a swirl of the deep colors mentioned in the Torah as those colors of the original weavings and priestly garments in the desert:  Purple, Blue, and Scarlet.

b'tzelem elokim 2

b'tzelem closeup

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