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A couple with deep connections to the land of Israel chose to have me embellish their ketubah with a garden of protected Israeli wildflowers.  As simple as this sounds – ‘just’ flowers – the challenge is to balance color, size, shape, and height to make the design ‘read’ as an aesthetic whole.

I love painting wildflowers.  They are so much more cooperative than birds because they never fly away, and they generally look just like the examples in the field guides! I find that once I’ve spent hours drawing from life and then incorporating the images into a painting, that encountering the same flowers in the future feels like bumping into old friends.

The 22K gold leaf which is applied to the first word of the ketubah (b’echad) and the text from Torah that forms the ribbon across the flowers is laid on a ground of Secotine, a fish-based glue that has been used for centuries in Jewish gilding.

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