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A brilliant and exuberant couple, deeply involved in Yiddish folk life, offered me the opportunity to expand Jewish folk arts this year by crafting their ketubah in Yiddish and English.  After writing their text, it was translated into exquisite Yiddish by Itsik Gottesman, and then the fun began!  One Skype conversation pretty much brought us to a final goal:  papercut art representing the seasons, heavy on tree images, four specific bold colors, and the text in a circle with the squared art around it.  Particularly touching is the fact that the groom’s mother has been a papercutting student of mine over the years, so I knew as I was working, that her eyes would be processing the work in a way different from most other wedding guests!

The text and design are elevated slightly from the background painting, which also features splashes of 23 K gold leaf to catch the light.

Blacksberg:Kugel ketubah

blacksberg ketubah sketch 2

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