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Sunday, December 4, 2011 will find me on stage at the York Jewish Community Center, opening with the Old World Folk Band for Elaine and Susan Hoffman Watts and the Fabulous Shpielkes, and then joining Susan and her group on the bandstand for a number or two.  In the world of contemporary klezmorim, the Hoffman family name itself makes Elaine and Susan, mother and daughter, legendary.  Third and fourth generation klezmorim, they play the music that defined the Philadelphia sound in the early 20th Century, and have taken it, soaring, into the 21st!  Elaine was the first woman to be accepted to the Curtis School of Music in percussion, having been taught drumming by her father, and her passion for the family’s musical ‘yikhes‘ (pedigree) is obvious in her daughter Susan’s extraordinary trumpet playing and singing.  This free concert will begin at 4 pm.

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