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Primary Donor Wall - The Jewish Home

A five foot high oval watercolor painting anchors the donor recognition system at the Jewish Home in Harrisburg, PA.  It’s mounted in a wooden oval frame and my Hebrew and English lettered text and an acrylic crown are mounted on the surface to create more visual interest and depth.   Great care went into choosing the subject matter and wording, and the painting is hung to face people as they enter the Home.   It’s mounted low enough on the wall to grab the attention of residents in wheelchairs who often stop with their families and examine the Biblical fruits and grains painted in lifelike color.

The painting was finished and had to be delivered to Welch Signage in Maine for final assembly. It was scheduled to be shipped for arrival on September 17, 2001.   Do you remember the tenor of the nation in the wake of 9/11?   The painting was attached to a 4 X 6 foot frame I had built to keep it from warping while painting, and it needed to be shipped in a custom crate.  There were no planes flying and UPS was not permitted to transport any packages over a certain size that they did not wrap and verify.   I was able to find one local shipper who promised to build a crate, vouch for the contents, and truck the painting north to arrive on time!

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