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Book art and the finished product!

The opportunity to research and develop a book cover and maps for a work of historic fiction by author Judy Petsonk was one at which I leaped!  An evocative work that paints in words images of ancient Judea prior the first Century also deserved cover art that would draw people into another time and place.  This is the story of Queen Salome Alexandra (Shalom Tsion), woven from fragments The History of the Jews by Josephus and bringing life of a woman who ruled a nation and oversaw tremendous development of infrastructure in her time.

The mosaic design is based on recently uncovered floors in the area of Lod.  What goes around … ends up on a book!

I had the delight of collaborating with graphic designer Tammi Reid who found the perfect typeface and photo image of a blooming almond branch which I was able to incorporate onto the back cover of the book

A great read!!

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