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Star Ketubah

A precious piece of jewelry that the bride’s late grandmother had given her became the inspiration for this ketubah.  It was a simple silver star with each of the six segments slightly raised on one edge to catch light.  The effect was something like a pinwheel.   Because the couple wanted a spectrum of color, we decided to divide the star into twelve segments for more subtle color changes.

Then the issue of math raised its head.  After engaging my spouse’s number skills and watching pages fill with formulas to answer the question about fitting the text exactly into the star shape, I decided to tackle it myself.  I wrote out the entire text, and then cut it up into sections and shifted the pieces around until I had a star filled with snippets of text.   That gave me the dimension of the star and the letter height and spacing I’d be using.

This ketubah was the only one I’ve ever crafted in total silence.   No books on tape, no favorite music, no nothin’!   The changes around the spectrum often split individual letters into two, and closer to the center, even three different colors per letter, so I could leave nothing to chance.   It took total concentration to move those words around the rainbow!

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