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Penn State Holocaust Center Doors

The Chancellor of the Penn State Capitol Campus commissioned me to design glass doors for the newly established Schwab Family Holocaust Center housed within the library.   My charge was to develop a design that would encourage people who know nothing of the Holocaust to enter and discover.   She did not want a representative set of imagery, but rather an abstraction.   The resulting design, set in glass ‘tells a story’ from the rich and intertwined roots of trees, through their constriction and mutilation to a full canopy bursting through an abstracted ash cloud into fresh air.

The leaf canopy is built up of individually designed leaves, no two the same, and the canopy forms a mirror image of the fullness of the root ball at the very bottom.

Part of my work was to interact with the architect and the glass fabricator to choose a method of transferring my design in a manner that would lose none of the fine detail and would remain maintenance-free and meet safety standards of a public space.

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