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autumn on the lake ketubah

Rarely do I have the opportunity to pull out all stops when it comes to media in two dimensions, but this was one of those times!  The commission came from two people who love the outdoors, and when I saw the photo images of lake scenes in autumn, I started to ponder just how I’d capture the beauty.  Sumi ink and gold leaf for the text – no brainer there!  And the rest of the scene involved pastel chalk, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and colored pencils, each one helping me build the image from far distant background to the foreground.  Of course, the image on a ketubah is always in service to the text, so I worked to set the roundel of the text within a pictorial frame that draws the eye from the autumn details to the main event in the center. The couple found a text they loved on line, and appropriately asked permission to use that copyrighted text for this one-time use.



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