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The precious couple who asked me to craft their marriage document told me that the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is their ‘happy place.’  When I asked for pictures, I did not expect MILLIONS OF TREES! Oh my.  So I dipped into the wonderland of autumn color by creating a background painting of the sunrise sky and then the faintest of the old, worn mountains at the horizon, moving slowly, slowly forward into more sharply focused images.  The trick to watercolor is to build up with great patience, keeping transparency as long as possible.

A special aspect of this piece (and please suspend disbelief here, because there are two opposing seasons in one painting) is that the groom has a beloved daughter from a previous marriage. Their desire to represent their new family of three at the time of their wedding led us to come up with an iconic cluster of blooming rhododendrons in the foreground.  They told me that when they received the piece and showed it to their daughter, she pointed to the small flower in the center and said, “That’s me, right?”  Perfect!


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