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Cityscape Ketubah

People often sit with me (or Skpye, or email, or otherwise connect) as we get to know one another and develop a ‘shopping list’ of what’s to go on the ketubah.   Then it’s up to me to help them with a weeding process and take the final list and turn it into an aesthetic whole.

This couple wanted their deep love for their hometown to be reflected in the ketubah, so pictures, postcards, and an extensive on-line search gave me enough material to place the two of them on the far shore of the river looking back at their city.  The purple/black tulips and pomegranates reach towards one another at the top, and the text from Avot is lettered in the same colors as the city and river scene.

It’s important when laying out text that wraps around a piece, as the circular ring of writing here from Shir HaShirim and the outer border lettering do, to be sure that the writing is legible without having to stand on one’s head to read it!!   Thus the layout process involves more than even spacing.  I always manipulate the words so they are not a distraction, but an enhancement of the overall design.



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