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Susan Leviton designed and made new Torah covers - 2007
Dickinson College Torah Mantles

When the Hillel at Dickinson College acquired a building on campus, a chapel was planned and furnished with a commissioned ark and reader’s table crafted by Gary Rosenthal.   I was hired to design and craft two Torah mantles and a wimple.  I first worked with student members of the Hillel to brainstorm colors and designs and then developed these two.  Crafted of Dupionne silks, with glass beads and mirror embellishments, the mantles are a perfect fit for the copper colored and dazzling glass Torah ark.

Each of the colors represented in the silk designs is found in the ark.   Sewing techniques include crazy quilt piecing, trapunto, applique, and embroidery.  The panels were made fit the Torahs as each Torah has a specific length and thickness when rolled.

The wording on the Torah to the left means, “It’s [Torah’s] way are ways of pleasantness and all of it’s paths are peace.”

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  1. 6-23-2016

    Hi, Susan:
    The Torah Mantles are beau-tiful! I also love that you do papercuts. You live in NY? I am in Cincinnati, OH. Any chance you are already headed this way sometime either in the Fall or next Spring? I am part of 2 groups that would be very interested in doing a papercuts class/workshop. What do you charge? How long is the class? Minimum or maximum number of attendees?
    You are a member of AGJA, right? I am also – and my Torah mantles were done in needlepoint. OY! Actually I did the artwork, but members of the Congregation did the stitching. Still, a long, long project. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Beth Goldstein Torah cover images are on my website under Judaica Shop/Fine Art

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