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A very long time ago, I met a child who wanted to take my papercutting class at KlezKamp. And then quite recently I received a call asking if I’d craft a ketubah for this same person, and could I please incorporate some papirshnit!  What a joy!  As usual, the bride and groom and I exchanged many emails and eventually we settled on a few of the many and varied elements of their lives to become the framework of their ketubah.  Images representing the histories of their families over many continents! – and their love of color, detail, and Yiddish folklore are all incorporated here.  The heart-shaped inner ring around the text is a repeating design based on metal bridge railing in St. Petersburg, where the groom was born and grew up (until I met him!) The golden peacock (di goldene pave) and the white goat (di vayse tsigele) are both recurring images in Yiddish literature and folklore.  Other designs represent fiber art that references the bride’s background.  Even the colorful swirls below the intricate papercut were arrived at after careful back and forth discussion and the magic of our devices carrying preferences at blitz-post speed!

There are lots of electronic tools to create lovely lettering and papercraft, but there’s something about the craeft itself that elevates work such as this because the human hand is as close to the surface of the art as it can be.  What a joy to see that exposure to a folkart as a child has stayed vibrant and meaningful for all these years.  I am ever grateful.


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