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The simple description of this ketubah – round, monochromatic, featuring papercut with grapes and pomegranates – belies the visual interest that pulls you into the ketubah. The couple knew at the outset that they would be using a traditional text, and that to honor the bride’s grandparents, they would want a bee for grandmom’s Hebrew name, and a harp to acknowledge granddad’s being a Levi.  We talked back and forth and Skyped designs, and finally settled on a traditional text in circle, lettered in a lovely, soft taupe, paint mixed to match the mat board I had purchased with the bride and groom in mind.

pomegranates and grapes papercut ketubah

The tiniest raised dots of gold leaf placed at the ‘waistline’ of the letters that ring the ketubah text catch the light and add an additional dimension to the piece. I mounted the text so that it floats above the background mat, and created a presentation folder (as I do for all my ketubot) with a small flap cut from the acetate cover so that when signing, nobody would risk snagging the delicate papercut.

bellin ketubah at huppah


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