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Pomegranates and Grapefruits Ketubah

Somewhat fanciful, definitely tasty!   The bride gave me a concise list of fruits that she wanted to frame the text.   I used pomegranate leaves and blossoms to connect the upper right and lower left.   I love these requests.

Some years ago I was researching a piece of art that incorporated the 7 species from the Torah and I found an old book on a library shelf published by Oxford University – a compendium of paintings of edible fruits and nuts from around the world.  I wanted to eat it up!   I used it, turned it back in, and then returned to the library about 2 months later to check it out again.  To my dismay it had been ‘de-acquisitioned’ – tossed out as useless!!   Agkh!!!  Love your library, and be sure to tell the librarians when you fall in love with an obscure book.  It might just save it from becoming recycled paper!

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