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Each ketubah I craft comes with its own story, which makes my work a living, growing experience all the time.  This ketubah was a true collaboration with three artistic minds at work!  Not only the beautiful text, composed by the couple and translated into modern Hebrew by the renowned Israeli poet Nitsa Kann, but the design and color choices all came to me from the grooms.  A sketch on grid paper and an envelope full of paint chips was all I needed to be off and running.  At times this felt to be an Art Deco exploration, at times a dive into an early 20th Century Industrial Art style, and at times, the color palette offered me a visit to the American Southwest and its turquoise-heavy Navajo/Diné arts.

Jacob and Greg's ketubah

Here’s a look at the process of mixing paints to match paint chips provided by clients.  Scientific?  Mmmm… It’s like cooking without heavy reliance on a recipe.  A little more of this and a little less of that. And VERY careful notes about the building of each color. It always seems like magic, and sometimes even like alchemy!


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