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Goucher College Hillel commissioned this mantle to cover a Torah rescued from Czechoslovakia after WW II.  The mantle is crafted of silks, and is heavily quilted.  Student input helped determine the color palette, the wording (“From generation to generation…”) and the image of a tree.  Tiny Czech rocaille beads cluster at the waistlines of the letters and on top of the ‘tagin’ (crowns) that top a few of the letters.

Made to fit the Torah exactly, a matching wimple (binder) completes the new covering for the Torah scroll.  Designed to be handled considerably, the mantle has hardwood rings at the top and the top is padded.  The lining fabric is a sturdy material with considerable ‘slip’ to allow the mantle to glide onto and off the Torah when used.  A full flapped back gives the mantle lots of room to wrap around the Torah and to be foolproof when a person unaccustomed to the honor steps up to dress the scroll.

Czech mantle 4:25




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