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IMG_2668 (1)The groom was born and raised in Be’er Sheva, and when the couple spoke to me about the central image being an acacia tree in the Negev, I was already dreaming in the gorgeous, subtle colors of the Israeli desertscape. As I often do, I asked the couple to bring me a ‘few’ paint chips so I could have a larger palette from which to build some contrast.  When 18 chips arrived at my door and they were basically an array of psychedelic colors (at least by way of contrast to the desert!), I knew it was time to rearrange my own vision!

Here’s a look at how I clustered the chips I chose to use so you can see how the design developed:


Lettering in white on a deeply saturated (richest color) background is tricky, but a mix of several opaque white water-based paints gave me the coverage I needed and the ability to add enough water for the paint to flow through the pen.  No do-overs, so this takes concentration!

If you look very carefully, you will see two hands rising from the trunk of the tree into the crown – a touch the couple requested.  In the palm of each hand is an open heart. The first letters in each line of the poems on either side of the trunk in Hebrew and English spell the names of the bride and groom.

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  1. 9-2-2019

    We have it hanging over our bed. We love it. Both of us find ourselves every once in a while starting it quite deliberately discovering new things in it and just enjoying it with the psychedelic colors.

    Thank you!!!

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