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IMG_2527Most of my work is just a joy, and once in a while, the joy comes even before I have the germ of a visual idea!  In this case I was blessed to be asked to create my first ‘second generation’ ketubah!  I’d created the marriage contract for the bride’s parents … a while ago!  Starting with a phone conversation and the most simple thumbnail sketch, we knew we were on the right path.  The couple saw my sketch of 3 balanced but different-sized rectangles looking like windows into their new life. It was a GREAT idea that became our touchstone going forward.

The central text is the traditional Aramaic language, and on either side a text that was written by bride and groom in English and translated into Modern Hebrew. I often ask people to take a field trip to a paint or hardware store and pull paint chips for me to match.  This is one of the more magical things I get to do as I stir in a touch or this or that, mostly by instinct, to match the chips.  This design called for colors spanning the three rectangles in a spray of arcs.  It may look simple, but this required eight color arcs to move from a central point off the right side and allow the edges of the colors to read naturally.  Wherever you can picture a ‘line’ between colors, the individual letters are drawn with my pen in two different colors, coming down exactly where the colors should meet! Good, sharp pen nibs and magnifying lenses over my glasses are among my tools of choice.


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