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Back to the Catskills!  This year’s KlezKamp theme is Jewish humor, so plan your trek to our ancestral homeland in Kerhonkson, NY for the December 23-28 2012 gathering.  I’ll be teaching traditional papercutting as well as a four-day course featuring a cappella folk music in context.  If you can imagine a hotel brimming with Jewish culture, children running around singing in Yiddish, a youth theater group constructing a bi-lingual event with costumes, props and live music, people actively involved in all manner of folk arts from foodways to ethnomusicology to instrument master classes to language lessons, then maybe you can imagine KlezKamp!  Check out the brochure here  and come home to the Catskills in December.  And for a glimpse into the world of KlezKamp check out this video, which includes a shout out at around 5:30 explaining what I try to bring to the mix each year.

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