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Primary Donor Wall – The Residence, Harrisburg, PA

The central roundel of this wall is a brass-colored vinyl cut out backed by marble and mounted on wood.   From the outside working towards center it is composed of the Biblical Seven Species, a geometric design based on the papercuts of early 20th Century artist Boruch Tzvi Ring, and a star design similar to one in a 200-year-old chased metal bowl from Damascus.  All the imagery reinforces the concept of the continuity of life and Jewish spirit.  Parts of the image have been reproduced throughout the independent living center on other signage.  (Fabricated by Welch Architectural Signage)

When designing for a public space, the artwork must not only be pleasing and invite exploration, but it must be fabricated to be low maintenance and have great longevity.   For donor recognition purposes, it must also fit the culture of the institution, the setting in which it will be installed, and it should compel people to become donors and have their names added to the wall.


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