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simple wildflowers ketubah 3I consider the wildflowers that pop up in the spring to be friends I haven’t seen for a year and so I am overjoyed to spend time with them again when a request comes to feature them in a ketubah.  My dearest flowers are the Japanese dayflower, an incredible electric blue, most delicate and perched over a pale green leaf, and the spiderwort.  During the near melt-down at Three Mile Island, everyone ran out to plant spiderworts because the folk legend was that they would turn color it exposed to radiation. The flowers and I had a good laugh about that one.

Anyway, this is a most simple ketubah, and please notice that besides the floral border, it’s the lettering itself that carries the day:  a variant of the Sephardi style of Hebrew lettering, the text is clean and ordered, a most beautiful design in itself.

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