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wimples 1Goucher College commissioned me to craft mantles for their two Torah scrolls, and I sewed these wimples to match the Torah covers.

wimples 2

In both Ashkenazi and Sephardi tradition, the Torah wimple holds an important place in communal and family life. In Europe, the wimple was often crafted from a baby boy’s winding cloth, cut into strips and embroidered with the baby’s name and Jewish design.  In the Sephardi community, wimples were a unique donation item by women to synagogues.

It’s important, when crafting the wimple, to know the girth of the Torah scrolls at different times of the Torah reading cycle, so it’s able to do it’s job of protecting the lettering by keeping the scroll snugly wrapped.  If the klaf (parchment) is wrapped too loosely, the ink that sits on top of the parchment may be damaged, thus rendering the scroll ritually impure and unusable.

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