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Fresh from their year’s work in Romania and Moldova, this couple chose to set their ketubah with papercuts inspired by architectural details of the clock tower of Sighisoura, rural woodwork, oh, and a design from the cover of an old piece of Yiddish sheet music!  Musicians, cultural researchers…  what a joy to collaborate with these folks!

A trilingual ketubah: modern Hebrew, English, and Yiddish.  This provided a challenge to get three texts of different lengths (the Yiddish – “an inefficient language,” their translator quipped, when that text turned out to be about 100 words longer than each of the other two!) to fit neatly into identical rectangles. (And nope, I use no computer to plot this out.  It’s all eyes, a straight edge, and 10th grade geometry!) The rest of the wish list included specific architectural details, French horns and basses, and colors ranging from purples and greens to touches of yellow/orange.

Here you see the result, and a few of the inspirations:

benjy and Julie's ketubah 2


















Sighisoara clock tower

arch detail, romania

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